Finger food: How not to do it…

As part of Ben’s Weaning journey we started with Ella’s Kitchen. Having the first week completed; issues of sourcing the required vegetables put a holt on completing the second. We changed our plan of action to the lazy jars route. Ben loves him some Cow & Gate and Hipp goodness for dinner and dessert, and with porridge as a breakfast meal he is well on his way to solids.

He is starting to show interest in our drinks; so we have bought a cute little sippy cup and baby squash. But to me, I don’t see the difference between regular non-added sugar squash and Ben’s other than the price!

With Ben’s interest growing and his love for every flavour we give him, on a friends recommendation I tried Porridge fingers. I wanted to introduce some finger food now he is used to sitting in a highchair but didn’t want to get too messy (naive i know).

Now I love me some time in the kitchen. I love to cook but more so I love to bake. Coming from my mother its amazing I even have cooking skills as mums timer is the smoke alarm (sorry mum!!). I must admit to an incident at uni where I turned a pizza into charcoal but in my defence I did forget about it and go out drinking!!

So if you want to know how to royally balls up the simplest of recipes and have a child show no interest in the food cooked; please read on!

Prep time: 10 minutes
Bake Time: 20 minutes
Total time: 45 minutes

225g Porridge oats
1,170ml baby milk or (6x7oz bottles)

1) Take a non-sterile dish and smother in butter (dairy whoops) to grease said dish. Then realise you have grease paper in the draw.


2) Try your damned hardest to open the box via the top when there is a perforated hole in the side for pouring. Then when measuring out the porridge oats spill it all over the floor and counter.


3) Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees and make up several bottles of milk to stir into the oats.


4) Bake the porridge for 20 minutes.

5) Allow the porridge to cool for 15 minutes.

So this all sounds easy huh??

6) Slice cooked porridge into fingers, accidentally cut them too wide and then place in more non-sterile tupperware dishes.


7) Store in the fridge over night.


8) Give your child cold porridge fingers and wonder why he doesn’t want to eat them.


So there you have it. Here is how to ruin the first attempt at finger food for your child.

Here are some more golden photos of Ben’s absolute love of my Porridge fingers! Whoops.eac2f2f1-ec2b-489b-9940-d867dcaa15fd

Im going to make some more but not store them in the fridge. Hopefully, they’ll be more of a success!

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60 thoughts on “Finger food: How not to do it…

  1. What a fab idea for finger food. I think mine are a little too old for it now unless it was covered in chocolate but it’s cerntianly fab weaning food! I wish I had known about it earlier. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw it’s a shame it didn’t work out. Perhaps you could try taking the porridge oat bars out of the fridge for a while before giving them to your little one? Hope next time goes better!
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo


    1. I tried it again, warmer and with cinnamon. He choked on a bit and then just squashed it and threw it around. Definately more successful but I’m gonna try banana pancakes next. I’m a glutton for punishment!!


  3. Aww bless him! Sounds like hes doing well. Weaning can be a bit hit and miss at times – they enjoy the things you dont expect them to, and dont enjoy the things you expect them too, and then when they get older it all changes again. Its so much fun though, I love weaning and we’re about to just start again with our second baby 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily


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